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Why SOSMobile?

If Mobile Workforce Management is on your Utility's Technology Roadmap, here are just a few compelling reasons why SOSMobile is the right choice:

It’s Powerful.
Mobile Workforce Management for Utilities is our only focus. Since 1999, SOSMobile’s development has been driven by customer demand and emerging technologies, making it a Best of Breed solution.

Many Customer Information Systems and Work Order/Asset Management systems offer a mobile component. But since these modules are typically designed as add-ons to the core system, they don’t tend to offer the same high level of functionality.

It Automates Your Entire Field Force.
Mobile applications designed to work with only one system can be problematic—particularly if your field force performs cross-departmental activities or tracks some field tasks manually.

SOSMobile is designed to automate your ENTIRE mobile workforce. It aggregates orders and data from any source—including its own database—which means:

  • Field personnel have access to ALL the information they need to complete any type of work.
  • The office has a full view of your entire field force operation.
  • And, with SOSMobile’s scheduling module, ALL
    of your orders can be intelligently scheduled
    and assigned, balancing workloads and increasing efficiency.

It’s Simple to Use.

Our user-friendly electronic forms and Wizards have been enthusiastically accepted by field staff.

It’s Easily Implemented.
Many of our clients are up and running in just weeks. SOSMobile lends itself to a phased implementation that’s never overwhelming.

Some Utilities start with a specific automation objective—like an AMI/AMR project. Or with one department, one order type, one service territory, etc., and slowly expand its use. Others go all in. We’ll accommodate whatever implementation method you choose.

It’s Affordable.
SOSMobile is highly scalable, making it affordable for any size utility. It’s comprised of separate, seamlessly integrated modules that can be mixed-and-matched to take advantage of your Utility’s needs, existing hardware and network connectivity.

Our phased implementation approach is reflected in our pricing, allowing utilities to start their automation with a minimal investment.

It’s for Now and for the Future.
Don’t think you need to wait to replace a legacy system before enjoying the benefits of SOSMobile. It will have paid for itself long before a replacement system is implemented. In fact, it can even extend the life of a legacy system.

As integration experts, we can easily follow you to any new system. And your field personnel won’t even notice the change.

It’s Supported with Competence.
The support we provide is second to none. Don’t take our word for it—just ask our clients!

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